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On my way home

I’m on my way home. Soon there will be new posts. The blog will continue to chronicle my experiments with mathematics teaching. So hang on. Advertisements

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Sputnik Calculus

It never crossed my mind that there could be a connection between Calculus teaching and the Moon landing. Until I made this trip. Of course you need Calculus to calculate the trajectory for the spaceship taking you there. Before Newton … Continue reading

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Colby answers to my Key Question

At Colby College, which I haven’t written about yet, I got some more answers to my question about what characterizes mathematics teaching at Liberal Arts colleges. These answers were consistent with what I had learnt before, but they also deepened … Continue reading

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I almost slept on a snooker table

It’s Friday night and I must say that I’m a little homesick, or rather familysick. I’ve been on the road for six weeks and it will be nice to go back home. So forgive me if I write some more … Continue reading

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Teaching mathematics as a language

My other road to humanistic mathematics is through language. I’ve touched on this before. But first let me say that when I use the phrase “humanistic mathematics” I don’t distinguish between “teaching mathematics humanistically” and “teaching humanistic content”. I think … Continue reading

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Mathematical Reality

What is mathematics about? Is there any mathematical reality, and in that case, where is it located? Such questions, I presume, are seldom discussed in the classroom. I think they should. Integrating them into courses is one of my ideas … Continue reading

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What have I learned?

When I planned this trip  I suspected that all the college visits would be different. Simply because the people I got in touch with would interpret differently what I was interested in and what questions I tried to find answers to. … Continue reading

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